Registered Clinical Counselling & Health Coaching in Vancouver, BC.

Welcome.  I specialize in supporting the emotional wellness of clients who are experiencing physical illness.  This includes clients with chronic conditions (such as diabetes or tinnitus) as well as acute medical issues (such as a recent stroke or heart attack).  I regularly help clients to successfully deal with the stressors of medical issues including burnout, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem/self-worth and relationship conflicts.

I see clients in person in my Vancouver office or online via video chat.

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Are you trying to cope with a medical illness?
Do you feel exhausted from the constant focus on your health?
Do you wonder if things could ever improve?
Do you feel like no one understands your experience?
Are you scared of being a burden to those you love?
Are you scared of what tomorrow will bring?

I know it can be lonely and overwhelming.

But don’t give up…  There is hope.

Each day can be a dance of emotions –
Depression, fear, anger, stress, loss, anxiety, loneliness, grief…
each one can surface as you try to adapt to, and then maintain, the changes in your life.
The effort can be exhausting, leaving you feeling depleted and burnt out.

NOW is the time to reach out for the support you need.

It is possible to navigate the emotional side of your journey and come through with renewed hope and peace.

As we work together, you will:

  • Explore both the distress and the strengths in your life
  • Set personalized goals
  • Learn new practices and skills to cope
  • Adapt to new life changes
  • Work through your health challenges
  • Gain new perspective on your situation
  • Access resources
  • Navigate the health system
  • Advocate for your needs

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