In my youth, my family teased me that I should charge for my telephone “sessions”.  This attention to relationships has persisted into my career choices; I value the process of building up and supporting people in the difficulties they face.  My background has highlighted the need for support as people navigate through life’s twists and turns.  This can be particularly difficult when we are faced with health and medical crises.

My life story led me to pursue my Master of Counselling Psychology.  I recognized that I wanted to work to support the emotional and psychological health of people who are contending with physical and medical health concerns.  As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I combine my personal, educational and career-related knowledge to provide compassionate and informed mental health care.

My professional career began as a Speech Language Pathologist where I worked extensively with adults with communication disorders.  These individuals often undergo a sudden and life changing event such as a stroke.  Over time, my experiences with the speech, language, and swallowing aspects of these disorders also revealed the deep emotional and psychological scars that co-occur.

On another personal note, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 11 years of age.  While the disease has not stopped me from accomplishing many goals, I acknowledge that living with a chronic disease carries an emotional toll.  It does not define my life and yet it certainly has influenced many of the choices I have made in my life and how I relate to other people.

As a Speech Language Pathologist I also have the privileged responsibility of working with people and families who are contending with an imminent death.  Working with the palliative care team, I witness the power of assisting people to face death and to maximize the ease of that transition for clients and their loved ones.  This is not an easy undertaking but I have seen that it is possible with gentle and compassionate care.

My personal and professional background allow me to explore your individual health situation and to support you in coping with the challenges you face.

Photo Credit: Wynne Pruden